The Physics Society holds a variety of events for physics students and enthusiasts, intended on supplementing your uni experience. It brings together like minded people. With events such as barbecues, guest lectures, and networking nights, there's something here for everyone.



We hold a wide range of social events for physics students and enthusiasts at the University of Sydney. This includes barbecues, liquid nitrogen ice cream events, estimation competitions, and trivia nights.


We hold talks every fortnight about interesting things happening in physics. Frequently, they'll be about the groundbreaking research being undertaken in the School of Physics. Other times, they'll be on career paths in Physics.



We hold networking nights that bring together industry, academia, and students. This puts into direct contact soon to be graduates and potential employees. It also provides an opportunity for students to learn what career paths are available to them.



Physics Society Executive

This is our dedicated team, which works hard to make PhySoc events happen. We organise them, advertise them, and make them possible. We're passionate about bringing people together, and we're here to help.

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Hi! I’m Tom, I study Physics/Computer Science and more maths than my degree plan allows, and I’m super excited about helping the great physicists that make up PhySoc! I enjoy programming, debating / Model UN, juggling and board games (especially jungle speed)! I enjoy physics because it never stops having new, exciting, interesting and baffling things to learn about. If you see me around uni, please say hi! I hope everyone is able to join, learn from and enjoy PhySoc’s events over the next year.

What does the duck say when it walks into the physics classroom? Quark!

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Vice President

Hi, Chloe here! I’m a second year BSc/MD studying physics and english, and am super keen to be a part of the amazing PhySoc exec for a second year! My passions are split between tackling physics problems, reading, dancing, travelling (hopefully sometime soon) and drinking too much coffee for my own good. I look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces at the exciting PhySoc events we have planned for the coming year :) 

What’s a nuclear physicist’s favourite meal? Fission Chips

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What’s up, I’m Finn and I study Physics and Mechatronic/Space Engineering. My talents include being able to quote the first 15 minutes of Revenge of the Sith without any prompts and spending 4 hours ‘trickshotting’ a frisbee onto a traffic cone instead of starting any of the 5 assignments I have due (yes, I did get it). My interest in physics can be traced back to when I was 4 or 5, and the only book I would let my parents read me was a fat non-fiction bad boy on the planets of the solar system. My favourite was Uranus, and I did not know this was funny. This progressed to lighting everything I could on fire when I was 13, and now to watching videos about spacetime and the universe because this allows me to feel more productive then playing clash of clans while still not having to do real work. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at events next year, and please say hi if you see me around (probably in PNR)!

My favourite frequency is 100 000 Hz. You probably haven’t heard it.

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Hey, I’m Narys! I’m a first year BSc/AdvStudies studying physics and philosophy (currently overloading on more chemistry than I should be) and I’m absolutely honoured to be on the PhySoc team this year. I have a huge obsession with coffee, cars and anything fast (exhibit a: Chloe on scooter), and when I’m not crying over the next MasteringPhysics assignment, you’ll find me curled up with a book, dreaming about the next time Halloween comes around. I love physics because it always seems to have an answer to everything, so resolving my whole curiosity complex is a plus. I can’t wait to see you all around, get excited because this year’s exec team is going to make 2021 an absolute blast. 

What’s the difference between an auto mechanic and a quantum mechanic? The quantum mechanic can get the car inside the garage without opening the door.

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General Executive

Hiii, I’m Chloe!! Studying the B of Project Management, most of my interest in physics lies in space and scooter velocity- speeeeeed!! Skrrrt skrrrt!! You can catch me on campus (probably at PNR) usually with my rainbow chrome scooter (named Chromie) and a bucket hat (fashion lvl 100)- feel free to say hi!! I think that Kepler-452b is kinda incredible; it’s my favorite planet. My hobbies include dance, photoshop and drinking excessive amounts of bubble tea <3. I love bubble tea! I am absolutely honored to be one of your execs for 2020-2021; the team and I are super keen to make this a memorable year, and don’t worry- we will always remember that with great power comes great current squared times resistance XD.

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General Executive

Hello there!

I’m Oscar, a second year Aerospace/Physics student. I love to eat copious amounts of zinger boxes, excessively quote Borat, go to PNR with intent of working but do absolutely nothing, and big-time vibing. I love physics as it’s the foundation for almost all science, technology & engineering, and thanks to Fourier allows me to conduct vibe checks. Get keen for 2021 because our amazing exec team has some great plans in store.

I am really keen to work with PhySoc over the next year, and looking forward to seeing everyone at future events! 



General Executive

Hellloo! I’m Katrina, a first year Physics and Mechatronic Engineering student. When I’m not at uni I like to spend my time cooking, reading, crafting and visiting art galleries. I also love trying different hairstyles so don’t be surprised to see me sporting a different colour each month. I love physics because it usually answers the “but why?” questions. Even when it doesn’t, the fact that there’s still so much to be discovered makes it even more exciting!! I’m very keen to for what we have planned for our fellow physicists this year and looking forward to seeing you around at some of our events :+)

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Jeremy Editor

Hello! I’m Sam, one of the two editors for PhySoc's fine publication, Jeremy. I’m in my 3rd year of physics and mechatronics/space. While I'm in Sydney most of the time for uni, I'm from the NSW far south coast where the beaches are much better.  When I'm not studying I'm often out running or finding some other way to tire myself out. I’ve enjoyed getting Jeremy back up and going this year and I look forward to continuing working on it!

Male Lions


Jeremy Editor

Hey! I’m Martine, the second editor of our lovely magazine. I’m a third year Physics/Maths student who has resigned herself to the fact that integrals are now her life. When I’m not studying, I’m normally dancing or hiking (or, hopefully, on a basketball court when uni life starts up again). I wanted to help revive Jeremy to bring back another medium for physicists to have a laugh and build community so I hope we can continue to provide that next year.
P.S. Photos of me are notoriously hard to come by so you can have a cute lion instead.