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The Physics Society holds a variety of events for physics students and enthusiasts, intended on supplementing your uni experience. It brings together like minded people. With events such as barbecues, guest lectures, and networking nights, there's something here for everyone.



We hold a wide range of social events for physics students and enthusiasts at the University of Sydney. This includes barbecues, liquid nitrogen ice cream events, estimation competitions, and trivia nights.


We hold talks every fortnight about interesting things happening in physics. Frequently, they'll be about the groundbreaking research being undertaken in the School of Physics. Other times, they'll be on career paths in Physics.



We hold networking nights that bring together industry, academia, and students. This puts into direct contact soon to be graduates and potential employees. It also provides an opportunity for students to learn what career paths are available to them.


Physics Society Executive

This is our dedicated team, which works hard to make PhySoc events happen. We organise them, advertise them, and make them possible. We're passionate about bringing people together, and we're here to help.




Hey, I’m Riya! I’m in my third year and currently studying Physics and Maths. Physics has been my interest since I was 7 and I am soooo excited to finally be working towards a career in Physics. As for my hobbies: I will read any book that exists (though my soft spot is a good adventure) and I want to travel to basically any city you can name. I am so grateful to be your president for 2022-2023 and am super-keen to do my part in delivering the awesome events Physoc has in store for you this year!



Vice President

Hi there! I am Afrin, a fourth year Physics/Economics student. You can probably always find me procrastinating around the Quad (it’s not my fault that the place is so aesthetically pleasing!). Special interests include finding new places to eat and engaging conversations on books, space and philosophy. I have been kind of an astronomy nerd since childhood so naturally physics has been my favorite science for a while now. I am excited to be a part of PhySoc this year and to be able to meet more fellow physics enthusiasts at our future events!

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Heyo! I’m Isaac! I’m a third year Physics and Maths student. I’m really interested in almost all sciences, but physics is definitely the science I’m most interested in. I’m also pretty interested in philosophy, mostly logic - though you could probably get me talking about metaphysics too if you tried. It’s like physics, but meta! I also play guitar in my spare time, probably a little too loud, but it definitely sounds better that way. I’m super excited to be fostering our community of physics enthusiasts as part of PhySoc this year and hope to see you at some of our upcoming events!




Hi!! I’m Amelie, a Physics and Computer Science student, currently tackling my third year, and a PhySoc general executive! In my down time I love to fence (with swords) and knit (with needles). I absolutely love dogs (my little fluffy boy in particular), and I think pretty much every animal is adorable simply for existing :).  Physics is a response to the insatiable human curiosity and that’s why I love it so much! It asks questions ranging from the everyday to the distant universe! It’s going to be an amazing year with all the events PhySoc has planned for physicists of all levels of interest and knowledge!

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General Executive

Hey ! I’m a second year physics and (history and philosophy of science) - yes that’s one major - student. I’ve always loved physics because it addresses so many curiosities of the world, but also raises so many more questions. When I’m not in a state of confusion from university, I’ll be forgetting to water my houseplants - I might have a hoarding problem. I also enjoy spending my time crocheting and making fun trinkets for my friends. I’m really looking forward to being a part of Physoc this year and excited to bring this awesome field to a wider community of like-minded people!

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General Executive

Hey there! My name is Mohammed Hussein and I am currently a second-year at USYD. I am studying mathematics and physics (which I am really passionate about!). I'm still figuring out exactly what field of physics I want to focus on for my career but I know that I want to do research somewhere in the field. Some of my hobbies include playing chess and bouldering (almost every day of the week haha). I am really excited to be working with the physics society throughout the next year and in my coming years at USYD.

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General Executive

Howdy! I’m Mani. I’m a second year Physics and Maths student (I know, very unique!). Besides finding me reading a physics article or doing some abstract maths, you can most likely find me hiking, playing tennis, or going to the gym for a totally unplanned session! I also play the guitar, and after many attempts to record my own songs, I have made the fatal decision to retire from this field due to minor disturbances felt by the audience listening to my voice! I also like to apply some of the stuff I study by programming applications that ease my daily life, or sometimes coding just for fun! You can also find me partying around (*definitely* wisely) so I’m looking forward to assist in the organisation of many fun events @ Physoc for the upcoming years.

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