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The Physics Society holds a variety of events for physics students and enthusiasts, intended on supplementing your uni experience. It brings together like minded people. With events such as barbecues, guest lectures, and networking nights, there's something here for everyone.



We hold a wide range of social events for physics students and enthusiasts at the University of Sydney. This includes barbecues, trivia nights, coffee catchups, stargazing nights, academic networking nights, panels, and larger events with other societies (i.e end of semester cruises and parties)


We hold regular and special event talks about interesting things happening in physics. Frequently, they'll be about the groundbreaking research being undertaken in the School of Physics. Other times, they'll be on career paths in Physics.



We hold networking nights that bring together industry, academia, and students. This puts into direct contact soon to be graduates and potential employees. It also provides an opportunity for students to learn what career paths are available to them.


Physics Society Executive

This is our dedicated team, which works hard to make PhySoc events happen. We organise them, advertise them, and make them possible. We're passionate about bringing people together, and we're here to help.


Angela Liang


Hello all :) I’m Angela, and I’m a third year physics/hps [history and philosophy of science (sorry it’s a mouthful)] student here. Despite its difficulties, I like doing physics because of the minute connections between different fields that seem to click into place as I continue learning - it’s just so satisfying. When I’m not hunched over my desk, slaving over a 20-page paper that I can barely comprehend, I like to spend my time looking at my houseplants, harassing my pets, and hiking. I look forward to working with my team here to bring a bunch of great events to the physics community! Bye for now!


Eva Erdogan

Vice President

Hey guys! I’m Eva and I’m a second year student studying microbiology and genetics. In my free time you can find me practising spins at the ice rink, reading, and hanging out with friends! I’m also super passionate about space and enjoy bringing out my telescope to go stargazing and getting immersed in the beauty of the universe (sounds clique, I know). I cannot wait to work with the team to bring new and exciting events for Physoc in 2024 <3 See you all there!


Mani Shayestehfar


Howdy! I’m Mani. I’m a third year Physics and Maths student (I know, very unique!). Besides finding me reading a physics article or doing some abstract maths, you can most likely find me hiking, playing tennis, or going to the gym for a totally unplanned session! I also play the guitar, and after many attempts to record my own songs, I have made the fatal decision to retire from this field due to minor disturbances felt by the audience listening to my voice! I also like to apply some of the stuff I study by programming applications that ease my daily life, or sometimes coding just for fun, and for work! You can also find me partying around (*definitely* wisely) so I’m looking forward to assist in the organisation of many fun events @ Physoc for the upcoming years.


Aruna SB


Hey all! I’m Aruna and I’m a third year student doing Physics and Data Science. I discovered my love towards Physics back in high school,  while I procrastinated doing assignments to binge-watch cool YT videos (nah, doing last minute work was painful tho). Ever since then, physics has always fascinated me, and I never looked back. While I'm not on the grind, you can find me sleeping, writing stuff in my journal, or walking around the city without maps and getting myself lost. I'm super hyped to contribute to the Physics community, and I hope to see you guys at our events!!


Imasha Fernando

General Executive

Hey, I’m Imasha, a second year physics major. Even though doing assignments and writing lab reports can be a pain, I do find it incredibly satisfying to be sitting in lectures immersing myself in what we’re learning (on the off chance that I actually understand what’s going on), have discussions with the professors and tutors about interesting topics as well as bond with fellow students over our shared love for science. I’ve come to find out that it’s a lot more fun being a nerd in a room full of other nerds ;). On that note, hope to see you at our next event!


Jasmyn Curry

General Executive

Hi there! My name is Jasmyn and I'm studying astrophysics and French/francophone studies. Originally I was training to become an actor/musical theater performer, but then my high school physics teacher did his job a little too well and inspired a love that's lead me to where I am today: a second year who dreams of working in the space sector (and maybe even seeing earth from space). Perhaps I'll see you around this year, and whether it's in SciTech researching the stars or in the SciFi section of a public library I'll be very happy to meet you!


Josh Ferguson

General Executive

Hi everyone, I'm Josh! I’m a second year student studying Physics and Data Science with a particular interest in Astrophysics. I love learning about new things and the way our universe works, even if I rarely understand the equations. Outside of Uni,  I love spending time with my pets and going out with friends and I hope that in the future I have the opportunity to travel lots more and see the world. Can’t wait to meet some new friends at the Physoc events this year!

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