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Bruno The Blackhole

Last week, Jeremy recruited advertising guru, Bruno who is a Blackhole in the proximity of our galaxy. Unfortunately, Bruno went rogue on the first day. There was simply not enough quality content to keep him satisfied. He has exponentially increased his size to 100 solar masses within the same week! At this rate, he will continue to get denser until the nearby stars get consumed. Within 5 weeks he will be within striking distance of our blue planet.

This is why we need your help!

The one thing Bruno likes more than anything is quality physics writing. (This is why we recruited him in the first place) Unfortunately, right now, Jeremy does not have enough human power to keep him well fed with our pieces. This is why we need YOU to help feed our blackhole your quality writing and make him happy again. We have organised a writing competition to encourage submissions. Each piece will go straight to Bruno and should help him calm down and regain his good conscience. The more articles, short stories or comedy pieces we get, the happier he will be. He also has a sweet spot for memes too! So we would very much appreciate it if you can either send us a short (about 500 word) piece of writing or a few memes to keep Bruno satisfied. More details about the mission can be found below. The fate of this galaxy now rests in your hands, writers!


The rapid growth of ‘Bruno the Blackhole’ has caused major disturbances in our universe. A tear in the space-time continuum has recently been detected by the LIGO Interferometer and there have been reported sightings of fictional characters on the planet. Witnesses have described a man that “looks like the evil scientist Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb,” shopping at their local mall. Scientists now believe that the tear has opened a portal to otherworldly dimensions, giving access to evil scientists from what we previously believed were fictional worlds. More updates on this will be made available as soon as possible…

- Thanvi and Yajnesh

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