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Jeremy Issue 3 (Week 4)

Been holed up at home with no one to talk to except your lecturers over Zoom? Fear not! Issue 3 of Jeremy is out, including:

- Overheard in A28

- In Defence of Spherical Cows: The Implication of Approximation

- Picarding it Apart

- Q&A w/ Prof. Stephen Bartlett

- Why We Need Science Fiction

- Are You a Redfern Fast Walker?

That not enough to ease the pandemic blues? If you want something to do, you can write for Jeremy! Email any submissions to us at

We KNOW that your lecturers are saying funny/dumb things, yet we are not receiving quotes for our quote competition! If your lecturer flubs or says something funny in general, submit it here for a chance to win a prize for both yourself and the lecturer in question!

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