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Physics you can do with a Calculator

1. Dominate your fellow classmates by explaining the superiority of the CASIO fx-100AU PLUS calculator when it comes to solving complex equations and vector analysis.

2. Stare at the little solar panel and think about all the jobs lost at major coal, gas and oil companies due to your contribution to a cleaner energy future

3. Practice building towers with your calculator (or its case)

4. Make the mathematical discovery that anything divided by 0 is actually equal to 'MATH ERROR'

5. Investigate momentum and collisions when it is thrown against a wall

6. Study projectile motion: Since the calculator is a pretty complex shape, let’s assume that it’s spherical for air resistance purposes. Set up across the room from a sibling that has been annoying you all throughout this year and chuck it so it lands close enough to scare them. If you “accidentally” hit them, apologise and say you’ll do better next time.

7. Calculate what mark you need on the exam to pass physics

- Connor and Sam

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