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SUMS, We Need to Talk...

In a scandal as big as Australia Post spending $382 604 on plants in a year SUMS has done the unthinkable. They used a quote from a physics lecturer in their mathematics newsletter.

On Monday night, physicists were shocked when they opened the SUMS newsletter not only because they were reading about maths but sitting in the header was the following:

Not only is the spelling appalling, all physics students know that plagiarism results in failure.

Perhaps in including this quote, SUMS was attempting to appear 'cool' (as the kids would call it) which is is the equivalent of painting yourself green and as Martijn says, “What happens if I paint myself green? Absolutely nothing!”.

Just like how, “We don’t mess with Carl Gauss”, “Those of you who don’t sound like Gollum” should go and, in Martijn's words, "Take your favourite liquid moving through a pipe. It might be oil, it might be water, it might be something stronger" and think about why you're studying maths instead of physics while being entertained by our lecturers.

We believe when you put a physics quote in a maths newsletter "it loses oomf, that's a technical term you understand" as when you tried to pass off physics as maths "You just threw the baby out with the bathwater".

Now some may think this article is petty and "You might have done it another way, but this is the adult way".

- An outraged procrastinating 3rd year physics student

that never responds to questions in class

Disclaimer: If you think these quotes are in context or entirely correct, that would be "a pretty gross assumption".

Want to improve the PhySoc quotes stash so we can roast SUMS again? Send in your quotes here.

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