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The Adventures of an Electron (Ep 1)

Narrated in the voice of Morgan Freeman

Hello, this marks the beginning of a small-1 universe contained in these cartoons. I’m an electron, and we’ll go through the history of physics and digress when I come along. We won’t be limited to physics, as we might check out some other topics or events, and maybe alternate realities (spooky!).

Some say that I was discovered around the late 1800s, and rightly so, but I say that I’ve been around since the BANG. In fact, I was in it ;). Quick note, I’m always grinning, I can explain later. But for now, welcome.

Content warning, I’ve been in isolation for so long, as it took a while for me to be discovered, roughly 13 billion years. (It looks like we’ve all been through it.) This isolation might have made me a little scrappy about details. So, everything here should be taken with a 51.00% confidence interval. On that bombshell, onwards!!!

- Yajnesh

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