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Welcome to Jeremy 2021

Jeremy is back again with physics news and jokes so you don’t need to worry, we’re not going on another five-year hiatus! We would say we’ve got a lot of New Year's resolutions, but honestly, they’re the same as last year’s which you can see here. For now, Jeremy will be staying as a blog format just like last year.

We are always keen for new writers. If you are interested in writing physics pieces regularly, fill out the contributor form here. If you have a one-time idea for a piece, email us your work at with your name and year to have it featured. We won’t complain if our inbox gets filled with doggos… it’s what keeps us going.

Last year we saw a large number of quotes sent in to which we used in pieces such as our open letter to SUMS here. This year, we’re hoping to get the quotes competition up and running again but we’re not only interested in the entertaining things said by lecturers, but it is also open to ANY physics quote worthy of appearing in Jeremy.

A message for the first years:

Jeremy is PhySoc's magazine/blog with a variety of informative physics news articles and comedy and sometimes puzzles or riddles. This is the one place where you can find all the hot goss that happens in Physics-land at USyd. We post new pieces on our blog most weeks and also have competitions where you can get involved so stay tuned!

After a few years at USyd physics (6 years between us) we have some potentially helpful (potentially useless) pieces of physics advice:

  • Physics is still filled with half-truths and you'll still get told 'don't worry, you'll learn that later'

  • Make sure you are a good lab partner and always do your half of the work on time. Teamwork is a bonding experience and this is how you make good friends.

  • Don't leave mastering physics until the last minute, it is a bit more than a 'small quiz'

And for when you’re on zoom:

  • Don't fall asleep during Zoom classes (or IRL classes)... this one is, unfortunately, coming from experience

  • Hold your dogs up to the camera, it will perfectly distract even the most focused of students

  • Have a look at our advice on ‘How to Look Fabulous While Zooming

Lange, J., 2021. Sleep Is Being Slept On. [online] The Sentry.

And finally, don't forget about the PhySoc events, after all, it is a new year’s resolution. Be sure to follow the Facebook page and join the UsydPhySoc group where you can post questions, laugh at memes and find other useful information.

- Thanvi and Sam (Jeremy 2021 Co-Editors)

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